I’m a mother, wife and owner of one East German Czech Shepherd and a Malinois. Our Gabriel, White German Shepherd has passed as of 24 April 2017.  I am originally from the Boston area, but now spilt time between Virginia, Maine and New Hampshire.

I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. One of my many relatives that has helped develop the United States is Frederick Law Olmsted. My great-grandmother spent most of her time helping to develop the DAR chapters in Vermillion County, Illinois. Many of my relatives helped fight for my freedoms during the American Revolution and many wars since then. I am an individual who is dedicated to those who serve, have served and have died human and K9.

I am a supporter of Warrior Dog Foundation, Spike’s K9 Fund, K9s for Warriors, Rebuilding Warriors, Mountain Washington Observatory and a few others.

I have run numerous races around New England and Mid-Atlantic region. My races range from 5k to half-marathons. I still have not woke up and said, “Yes, let’s train for a marathon.” I am sure the day will come, but right now. I have other items in my life that need my dedication.

I started this blog many years ago for my running and daily dealings with my dogs. It developed into our family hikes and training for hiking and races. However, a new chapter in life has presented itself the main focus will be products reviews for myself, child, dogs and husband, trails we hiked, and training that I do with and without my dogs — That is where it will remain.


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