When I first learned what an Ironman was,  I thought holy crap those folks deserve a tons of respect. Shortly, after that thought, I said to myself — they are flirting with the line of insanity. So, for todays laugh I’m posting this video.

The ironic thing about this video is that I am the nutcase that wakes up at 0400 – 0430 to go running. LMAO — hello line of insanity!

Have a great night!

Saturday’s 11; I mean 12 miler

Today was a scheduled 11 mile long training run. It turned into 12 simply because, I went too far around the park. Sh_t happens. With the completion of today’s run my weekly mileage is at 31. You have no clue how great that feels. I have been struggling with weekly mileage for almost 6 or so months. It’s been a struggle due to work and life. Work has me traveling, which I cannot complain about too much, but it does throw an added hurdle in the routine. Life, well, you know how that goes. It’s ironic and ever-changing. Gabriel’s herniated disc  gave me on heck of scare. Seeing your dog not being able to function from middle of  his back all the way to his tail will definitely get one’s heart thumbing. Oh, and how could I forget the lovely 103.5 temperature I rocked for a few days about a month ago.

My run today was held in the 9 minute miles (9:00 – 9:30), the last 2 where hanging out in the 8 minute miles. This run gave me a much-needed confidence boost, which I needed not only with weekly mileage, but the endurance & stamina I had to push the last 2 miles. I probably could have ranged the minute miles between 9:00 – 9:15, but running over leaves that are covering tree roots and whatever else is lurking beneath. I think its best to slow down and not get injured. Plus, I am not too sure how many people pass through my route at the park especially at 0700.  And remember, long training runs are about putting the miles on your legs. My 12 miler last roughly for an hour and fifty-one minutes. Not too long, but long enough.

People often ask me how I can head out alone and log long runs. So, let me try to explain it — I’m not really ever alone, I have numerous running pals. All my ladies that make up the my running group, DIVAs (Dedicated, Inspirational, Vivacious, Athletes) and many others that are out there running around the world. But, today my running pal was from Runner’s World, who was out this morning busting through his/her own mileage for the day. How do I know this? Its simple — Twitter. Yes, if you can believe it or not — social media is making the world that much smaller. I have never met him/her and I highly doubt I ever will — it’s just nice to know that there is someone else plugging along at the same time. I am know that there are hundreds of people out running at the same time, but its nice to actually ‘know’ one. Especially, when you need the inspiration to push forward.  So, to my running pal today. — Thanks for covering some miles with me.

This 12 miler leaves me with only 2 more long runs before my half marathon on March 20, 2011, my goal is to get under 1:50 or 1:51.

Oh, and I have decided to re-run the Marine Historic Half, this year too. Looks like, the next few months will be fun.

Have a great Saturday!



Coast Guard 5k – 7 AUG

Yeah, I know its way over due. Things have just been crazy around here that I haven’t found time just to be.

CG 5k was a nice course and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I ran the race at a moderate to high pace. I’m still  lack the confidence in going all out, because of  my knee. I torn my medial meniscus on my day off from running while moving into my new home — Go figure! Anywhos… for an August race the temperatures were moderate. What does moderate mean about 80 degrees at 730AM and about 75% humidity. Real fun, running weather.

Well, I surprised myself with pushing my pace down to 8:16 minute miles. Normally, I am around 7:46 minute miles. I am not a big 5k racer. By the time the race finishes I am just gearing up for another 10 or more miles.  Well, here are the results — for not being a 5k racer, I landed myself to be the 13 female across the line, 1st in my age group (the closest runner in my age group was 3 yrs younger than me!) and if I was active duty I would have placed as the 2nd female across the line.

I probably could have done better, but I lost some steam coming into the last hill. I will run the race again next year as another kick-off to my racing schedule.

Because of this race, I am making adjustments in my running plans which means spending a few more days a week on the treadmill to work some hills. The only hills I have around me are overpasses and I am not sure they qualify as a hill.

Happy Trails!