First Race in a long time, 10K

A 10k after not racing or training for about 2 years. I decided to enter the Elizabeth River Run 10k race with only 4 weeks to train. Yes, I guess you can say I like a challenge.

My overall goal was to break 50 minutes, next goal break 52 minutes, next goal at least get a PR which means breaking 54 minutes.

I had to set my goals that way.  With only 4 weeks to train, those in the running world now its more like 3 and half weeks of training. It’s not a lot of time to train for a my first goal of breaking 50 minutes, but if everything else clicks with training then the latter two were definitely possible.

I used a some training that my dear friend sent me. Here is the link. It’s strictly for 10k training. I picked out a few workouts. I did 2 speed workouts a week. I will say my most enjoyable, yet hated workout was the 2 mile repeats at goal pace. Yup, I was cursing the latter way through that workout. But it helped set my mind and body for what needed to be done.  What can I say, I like a working hard.

The race went well or at least rather well. I ended up slowing down on the cobblestone road during the run, which made me sacrifice time. I lost some confidence during that part of the race, which lasted with me for about a mile or so. That was enough to put me behind my first goal. BUT…

I ended up with a time of 51:28, which is a PR of 4 minutes.

Yes, there is room for improvement, but overall I nailed 2 out of 3 goals in less than 4 weeks. Not to shabby…

My next race will be another 10k in October. After 2 and a half months of hiking in the mountains with a toddler on my back. I am hoping to break 50 minutes. I will have about 6 weeks this time to train. I am hoping for better results.

My favorite image from the race…

Moments after I crossed the line...
Moments after I crossed the line…

There is no better way to end a race with PR of 3 minutes then to get a big hug from your favorite little girl in the world.

I placed 7th out of 50 in my age group. Not too shabby.

Author: MamaTrek

I'm a runner, hiker, mother, wife and dog owner of a GSD and Malinois. I have been hiking with my daughter since she was 6 months old. She has summited 25 mountains over 4,000ft, including Mt. Washington in NH. I've have ran over a dozen half marathons and numerous shorter distance. I have taken my little one on many long distance training runs. Some where between all that I graduated with a BSBA in Marketing Management and Information Technology.

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