Happy New Year, 2015

2014 is done, you can’t change what happened, the ‘what ifs’, the ‘could ofs’ and ‘should ofs’ will not help you move forward. Learn from what 2014 and “let it go”. Make room for 2015 and make it the best, apply what you learned in your life.

We couldn’t have made a new life with Abby, a home for her, if we dwelled on everything she did wrong and if we dwelled on how we failed Abby. Yes, the shoes were a tough thing to swallow, but we did. However Abby found it relatively easy, eating 3 pairs of my Husband’s sandals (HaHa). We learned to make a difference and make a change for success. Today, we can leave shoes around and Abby will not touch them. It took work, lots of repetition and hard work.

If you want it, go after it and let the past go. Learn from it and move on…