People have asked…

People have asked me how we came up with the name Mirabel. So, I thought I would write it down in case you are wondering, too.

First off, James and I went through about 2,000 names. Okay, maybe that is a little exaggerated, but you get the idea we went through TONS of names. Nothing seemed to fit.

Every time we choose a name for those in our family animals or not, we choose a with meaning to us.

When we found Mirabel, it fit everything. The name was different,  the name would not blend in with others. (We wonder if the name will ever become popular)

Mirabel means “wonder”. It is exactly how I felt about the whole process of being pregnant and being a mother. I was in awe and wonder and I still am. The name Mira is one of the James’ favorite names for a girl. In case, you are wondering, Mira means wonder, too.

Mirabel Jean made the list. Jean is a family name. Mirabel Jean….very fitting.

Out of the long list we cut it down to two names. And no, we are not disclosing the other name, because maybe in time we will use it.