Gabriel …

So, this post is overdue….

DH & I went to the specialist last week. We did not hear anything good. Gabriel has a herniated disc at his L1 and L2, which we knew. For those that want to know the located of L1 and L2 it is within the last 5, 6, or 7 ribs from the backside of the dog. I can’t remember the rib number to the exact, I know its in the later half of a dog’s ribs. Anyhow…. the disc has slowly pressed on the spinal code. That means he disc has been pushing out-of-place for a bit, how long we don’t know. Just like in humans the aging of a disc or displacement of a disc is different for each subject.

The slow compression of the spinal cord has allowed Gabriel’s nervous system to adjust. This has allowed him to walk around, use the bathroom, basically do any function using his backside. Something a few months go caused the disc to push up or cause inflammation faster than normal which caused his ataxia. This something could have been Gabriel walking up the stairs, jumping up  into the van, jumping off the couch, jumping onto the bed… anything.. even something so easy as getting up from laying down.

The doctor will not do surgery because of how compressed Gabriel’s spinal cord is. Basically, Gabe’s spinal cord is pushed to its “breaking point”.  And the structure of the disc looks as though it is harder than a young herniated disc. FYI, a young herniated disc is more like a cheese powder substance, making it easier to remove during surgery.  An older herniated disc is more like harden cheese making the removal extremely risky.)  Because of this there is too high of a risk that Gabriel would be paralyzed for good. Since, Gabriel is improving both physically and mentally, the doctor wants us to slowly increase his activity level to find out Gabriel limits.

The Doctor will help us find other therapies as we increase Gabriel activity level. He did warn us as Gabriel ages things will most likely go south. And surgery will be the only option. He is hoping by then Gabriel will be in his double digits. Gabriel is 6 years old, right now.

So, we are taking things in stride. I am bummed and really don’t like any of this. Gabe wants to go running with me, since its our season to run. (the temperatures are cooler and he knows it). I hate having to leave him at home but I know it’s the best thing. He waits at  the window for me to return.

At times, I feel extremely guilty when I take Abby for a run without him. It just doesn’t feel right. She is a good runner, but running with Gabriel was so much different. He just wanted to be, like I want to run just to be, just to be away from it all, away from the world, my peace… he fit that running partner perfectly. Abigail is just different more maybe I am projecting it on to her.

So, back to Gabriel….  we have taken him off all the drugs and placed him on only herbal drugs when needed and if he really needs other drugs we can put him on them. We want to know from him what is okay and what is not. We don’t want him doing anything he normally wouldn’t do because he is all drugged up.

Well, I know I am no longer running with dogs at this time… but maybe it time…

Thanks for listening…

Author: MamaTrek

I'm a runner, hiker, mother, wife and dog owner of a GSD and Malinois. I have been hiking with my daughter since she was 6 months old. She has summited 25 mountains over 4,000ft, including Mt. Washington in NH. I've have ran over a dozen half marathons and numerous shorter distance. I have taken my little one on many long distance training runs. Some where between all that I graduated with a BSBA in Marketing Management and Information Technology.

One thought on “Gabriel …”

  1. Don’t feel like you can’t still run even if with Abby. It’s like breaking in new running shoes. You’re used to the old ones, but the new ones feel differently. After awhile, you will find your groove with the new ones. Don’t give up!

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