Gabriel & Acupuncture

It has been about a month since we started Gabriel on acupuncture treatment

We showed up over a month ago to Dr. P’s office. We, being the whole family, DH, Abby, Gabe and myself. We made is new place a family affair.

The vet assistants came in and both pups did not like him. I remained positive about the location and doctor.

When Dr. P came in — the only bark we heard was from Abby. Of course, she is completely in a new world that tested every once of her being. Dr. P made a suggestion to open the side doors and place Abby out there with DH, close enough to see, but far enough away to be safe… within moments all was well again…

Gabriel stood right beside Dr. P and when she kneeled down. He gave her kisses. Dr. P pressed, poked, tested him without one attempt of biting, running away, or hiding behind  me. Shortly, after the exam and after reading the x-rays and MRI reports — Dr. P suggestion we start Gabriel on acupuncture.

I wasn’t ready for it, but by Gabriel body language I decided one testing could not be harmful. To my surprise, Gabriel stood perfectly still and allowed Dr.P to stick needles into his nerves without any disagreement.

After all 20 needles, were stuck into him and Dr. P left the room, Gabe and I hung out on the floor, Gabriel fell asleep while I sat there on the floor beside him in amazement.

My Gabriel found another doctor that he could trust…..the results of the acupuncture have truly been a surprise to me.

Author: MamaTrek

I'm a runner, hiker, mother, wife and dog owner of a GSD and Malinois. I have been hiking with my daughter since she was 6 months old. She has summited 25 mountains over 4,000ft, including Mt. Washington in NH. I've have ran over a dozen half marathons and numerous shorter distance. I have taken my little one on many long distance training runs. Some where between all that I graduated with a BSBA in Marketing Management and Information Technology.

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