A Message from a Toddler raising money for “Seek the Peak”

I’m not even 3 years old and I am writing my first post on WordPress in hopes of receiving a little help. I’m trying to raise money for the charitable cause called “Seek the Peak”, which takes place on  July 18th and 19th.  Here is a link to “Seek the Peak”. Short version, I am hoping to raise money for the Mt. Washington Observatory, a nonprofit organization and I will hiking with my mom and dad up Mt. Washington, again. Okay, I will tagging a ride on mom’s back to the summit. 🙂 My first time we hiked Mt. Washington,  I was busy trying to figure out how to untie a string while mom did all the work.

Playing with my String
Playing with my String

But, dad captured the moment when mom and I reached the summit after taking the Jewel Trail.

Summit of Mt. Washington
Summit of Mt. Washington

Yes, it was very windy, but it was awesome! My parents planned accordingly and packed extra clothes for me. I received the extra layer and some play time just before the summit…

Playtime after my change...
Playtime on the range…

Anyhow… After, I finally lost my string, I started talking all the way up and down the mountain. Mom and Dad now call it “Radio Station Mirabel”. Apparently, it is now an inside joke between them. I have no idea what an “inside joke” is, but I am getting the feeling that this joke is not that funny.

Last year’s climb was so fun that I am doing it. I know, I know…. I am so young and I have such high ambitions. But, Mom and Dad will be there to make sure it goes smoothly and safely.

The good news, I have given up my string for a new and improved method, which is known as my ‘navigational pony’. Weather permitting, we should summit in no time flat. We did a test run by climbing Mt. Jackson, where my pony and I called out directions the whole 7.83 miles, again the “Radio Station Mirabel” was mentioned throughout the hike. With that said, dad’s Garmin GPS, which he believes is directed by the Mountain God and can never fail, all the mosquitos, the red fox and a cub (Oh My), provided us hurdles, but my Pony got us through it all.

Me and my navigational pony
Me and my navigational pony

Enough though, my sights are set on hiking Mt. Washington, I need your help. Due to child labor laws, I cannot work to donate money for this great charitable cause.

Yes, this donation is tax deductible, whatever that means. I have been told I needed to remind you all that this tax deductible means that Uncle Sam doesn’t get to claim it. I am not sure what taxes are, but it doesn’t sound nice. Nor, does this Uncle Sam character.

My mom has added a hyperlink that will give you the ability to donate money to this cause.  We are team Death Zone or Bust. I am sure you can figure out how to find mom and dad, if you want to donate to them directly.

Any amount will be gladly accepted. It is not like I am asking you to pay for my college education. By the time I make it to college, tuition could be 275k a semester that is just astonishing. Hold on, I need to resuscitate mom and dad… okay.. that’s better… they are breathing.

My goal is only a $1,000 and I am half way there.

Oh, I am not trying to take the spotlight — Mom and Dad are listed too with personal goals, you are welcome to donate to them, too. But,  I can take on all the donations. After all, I am cuter and more intelligent than them since I am writing this blog at the age of 2 years and 6 months old 😉

In closing, I want to let you all know, Mom and Dad take hiking in the White Mountains very seriously. Even though, this post is in good fun, they will not hike if I am in danger in anyway nor if my ride is …. Oh, I mean my Mom. They will use their best judgement on what summit path is best given the day’s forecast and at the summit will determine the best path for the descent.

After all, we don’t need to climb Mt. Everest to take on similar weather conditions all year around. Mt. Washington Observatory reports help the world understand weather; this is one place in the world that three climate fronts unite. And why Mt. Washington is known to have one of the worst and most unpredictable weather conditions in the world.  White Mountains received their name because its snow in the summer.

Thank you for the help. The cut-off for donations is July 18th, 2014.

Even if you don’t donated, please take the time to review the Mt. Washington Observatory page. The history, outreach programs and studies are greatly impressive. Also, they have their own blog, its very interesting in the winter time to see and learn about the climate.

Author: MamaTrek

I'm a runner, hiker, mother, wife and dog owner of a GSD and Malinois. I have been hiking with my daughter since she was 6 months old. She has summited 25 mountains over 4,000ft, including Mt. Washington in NH. I've have ran over a dozen half marathons and numerous shorter distance. I have taken my little one on many long distance training runs. Some where between all that I graduated with a BSBA in Marketing Management and Information Technology.

2 thoughts on “A Message from a Toddler raising money for “Seek the Peak””

  1. Great photos and congrats on winning the solar charger from EMS. And here I thought I was dedicated carrying all my camera gear on hikes, it’s awesome to see you bringing your daughter.

    1. Thanks Jeff. Camera gear is pretty tricky and heavy to carry, too. We won’t hike without her. She loves it and can’t wait to climb in the pack and go.

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